Booking a Hotel in French

Paris from L’arc de Triomphe
Paris from L’arc de Triomphe | Source

Of course many people overseas, particularly in the tourism industry, can and will speak English to travellers, however, knowledge of languages other than our own is of great importance, and communicating in foreign tongues can be fun and enlightening, broadening our sense of culture and our connection with the location into which we have travelled. Below are some simple French phrases that may assist you both in booking a hotel and hopefully achieving this deeper travellers’ experience.
Try a phone conversation in another language
Try a phone conversation in another language | Source
Possible Hotel Dialogue

So you (C) ring up a hotel (H) with an inquiry and an intention to book a room. Here’s how the conversation might go:

H: Bonjour, comment puis-je vous aider?

(Hello, how can I help you?)

C: Bonjour. Avez-vous des chambres disponibles?

(Hello. Do you have any rooms available?)

H: Oui. Pour combien de personne?

(Yes. For how many people?)

C: Je voudrais une chambre pour deux personnes avec un grand lit et une salle de bains, s’il vous plait, pour sept nuits à partir de demain au 5 Juillet. Quel est le prix par nuit?

(I’d like a room for two people with a double bed and a bathroom, please, for seven nights from tomorrow to July 5th. What’s the price per night?)

H: Trente euros.

(Thirty euros.)

C: D’accord, je prends la chambre.

(Okay, I’ll take the room.)

H:Très bien. À demain, Monsieur/Mademoiselle.

(Great. See you tomorrow, sir/miss.)

Other useful grammar:

Hopefully your attempts to book hotels while away are straightforward, but it can never hurt to study some other words/phrases that might be of assistance when undertaking this task. You might find the following useful:

Le lit


La douche


Le bain


Les escaliers


À l’étage/En bas


Les draps


Vous acceptez animaux?

(Do you accept animals?)

La suite présidentielle est libre?

(Is the Presidential Suite available?)

Visit the Eiffel Tower
Visit the Eiffel Tower | Source

Le petit déjeuner est inclus dans le prix?

(Is breakfast included in the price?)

Quelle est la différence entre les chambres à €200 et les chambres à €300.

(What is the difference between the €200 room and the €300 room?)

L’hôtel est près de la gare/l’aéroport?

(Is the hotel close to the train station/airport?)

Désolé(e), je ne parle pas français très bien.

(Sorry, I don’t speak French very well.)

Quelle est l’heure limite d’occupation?

(What’s the check-out time?)





Le week-end prochain

(Next weekend)









If you’re interested in French or are keen to learn how to build your own phrases/questions, the following might be beneficial:

For more information on asking simple French questions.

For some information about French verbs.

Reviews of the Best Hotel Reservation Agencies for Online Hotel Booking

Rich or Not – We’re all in search of hotel deals

As a travel consultant I can say for sure that hotels are a top priority for all travelers, whether they be backpackers looking for a cheap guesthouse, a family of 4 looking for a budget hotel in London or couples researching the perfect luxury resort on the island of Koh Samui for a honeymoon.

As a cheap budget traveler myself I know the importance of getting the best price possible for hotels. People always say a hotel room is just a place to rest your head after a long day of sightseeing. Is it? Maybe it’s because I’m getting older and the thought of sleeping in a sleeping bag doesn’t appeal to me anymore. I’d rather have a nice comfortable bed with clean sheets, an air condition if I need it and perhaps a nice pool for a dip. And I want it all at an affordable price at a prime location. No one likes to be overcharged, whether they are rich or not, especially when it comes to paying for hotel rooms.

After working in the travel industry all these years I have picked up a lot of good tips and insider industry information on how to get the best hotel deals. I do not get a lot of free room stays as most would think. And since I have to be fiscally fit I too have to watch how much I spend. So in a way I’m in the same boat as all travelers in search of that affordable hotel. And nothing is more satisfying then getting the best room rate for a luxury resort. Yes I did say I’m a cheap budget traveler but I do like to splurge once in a while. And if I can do it and still get the best price is just a big nice bonus.

Below are just a few tips and basic common sense on how I find the best hotel rates:

Book during low season (though sometimes there are discounts in high season)
Search for hotel rates on Internet based hotel reservation agencies
Compare rates. This only takes 30 minutes at most, a paltry amount of time if you end up saving money

Hurricane season in Cuba. At least the hotels are cheaper then.
Hurricane season in Cuba. At least the hotels are cheaper then.
Book hotels in low season – But don’t give up finding hotel deals during high season

Every country has a perfect time or not so perfect time to visit. Just like it’s not ideal to visit Florida’s Disney World during October to November which is hurrican season in the USA. Though that’s the time you will find the cheapest hotel rates in Florida. So there is a trade off.

Okay, so this one is an obvious answer for getting the lowest hotel room rates for almost any place you’ll be visiting. But not everyone can visit a country’s locale during low season if their work, school or other life priorities conflict with a hotels low season schedule.

So just to cover all bases, plan your trip during low season if possible.

That said, it is still possible to find hotel discounts during high season, especially if you book a room through an online hotel agency.
Rakuten Travel Website – Search here for the best hotel rates in Japan
Rakuten Travel Website – Search here for the best hotel rates in Japan
Agoda Website – Has low rates for hotels in Asia, though they provide discounted room rates worldwide.
Agoda Website – Has low rates for hotels in Asia, though they provide discounted room rates worldwide.
HotelClub Website – I use them exclusively for Western hotels
HotelClub Website – I use them exclusively for Western hotels
Internet based hotel reservation travel agencies

Japan – Rakuten Travel
Asia Region –
North America, South America, Europe and Africa and

You’ve probably come across commercials from,, and so on. They are huge internet based travel agencies offering you the best rates for all of your travel needs.

They are all really excellent agencies. However their travel services are too broad and general. If you’re looking for a good eye doctor you wouldn’t go see a general practitioner. You’d go see an ophthalmologist.

The same basic principle goes for hotels. If you’re looking for the best hotel rates in Tokyo you want to find a hotel reservation agency based in Japan or at the least specialize in the Asian hotel market.

This was a real eye opener for people who have been asking me about this subject. And it does make a lot of sense. And their next question is typically which Internet hotel agencies I use for room reservations for so and so country.
What about booking through a hotel directly? Aren’t the prices supposedly better?

Sure you can book through a hotel directly. But that is often not the way to go if you want to save money. Booking through a hotel directly will cost you more, sometimes considerably more. Think about it this way. If booking through a hotel is cheaper than why are they contracted with hotel reservation agencies to help sell their rooms.

Here is how it works. A hotel in Singapore contracts the services of because Agoda has a wider presence on the Internet and have built a long reputation for providing discount hotel reservations. The hotel will sell a set amount of rooms to Agoda at a reduced rated, and part of this discount goes straight to you when you make a reservation through Agoda.

Though here is the real benefit of using Internet based hotel reservation agencies. Most hotels need to have their occupancy filled to a certain level to meet operational cost. And they need the rooms filled fast. Since they are unable to reach more travelers quickly about their hotel they rely on these agencies to get the word out by offering deep room discounts.

What I do is I look at a hotel’s website and check how much they are charging per night. Then I compare rates with the hotel agencies I use. If your travel dates are flexible you may end up getting better rates, so compare, compare and compare rates, until you are satisfied about how much you are paying.
Compare rates with other hotel reservation companies, it’s worth 30 minutes of your time
Compare rates with other hotel reservation companies, it’s worth 30 minutes of your time
More Online Hotel Reservation Agency Reviews

Best Online Hotel Booking Websites
As a self professed chronic budget traveler I’m always on the look out for the best travel deals, whether it be plane tickets, car rentals and hotels. Especially hotels. Hotels make up the biggest portion of any travel budget. That is of course if yo

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Five Best Bangkok Budget Hotels
Check out this hub for the Top 5 Budget Hotels in Bangkok. You’ll find great pictures of the hotel and rooms itself plus my personal take on each an every one of them. Hotel Reservation Company Review
If you’re wondering if Agoda is a good company for hotel reservations than you’ve come to the right place. I have absolutely no complaints about Agoda and I highly recommend their services. Check out my Agoda review to find out why. Hotel Reservation Company Review Website Website
Is Reliable? may not be a common household name when someone is looking to a book a hotel room on the Internet. If you’ve never heard of them you’re not alone. What you’ve most likely have heard of is, especially if you’re from the United States. is actually a child company of, an extremely popular travel agency offering deals on hotels, plane tickets or anything else you need to reserve for a vacation.

All they do is basically focus on getting the best rates for anyone shopping for discounted hotel deals and rates all over the world. From my experience, I find that they are particularly good at providing travelers with special unpublished rates and last minute discount room rates for hotels throughout Asia.

I get a lot of emails asking me if Agoda has better rates than their competitors. And that’s the 1 million dollar question. I can confidently and comfortably say that they’ve provided me with decent rates for hotels in Europe and Asia where I travel frequently for business.

I say decent because all hotel reservation agencies offer more or less the same prices with some offering lower than others.

However, Agoda does have an advantage over their competitors. They offer their customers a Lowest Price Guarantee. They state that they will either match or beat a price if you find a better deal within 48 hours from the time of booking.

But there is a way to get even more discounts from. And that’s by using Agoda Reward Points that you can earn and can use for future discounts.

Personally I’ve used Agoda for about 3 years. I’ve recommended them to friends and family for hotel reservations all over the world. To date we don’t have any complaints about their services and are quite satisfied.
Hotels I’ve Reviewed After Booking Through

Whenever I travel to Asia I always make a video review of hotels that I really like and recommend. Below is a list of hotels I’ve written and made video reviews of in parts of Asia. And all of the rooms were booked through Agoda’s website where I found very good room rates and discounts.

Seoul, South Korea
Kaya Hotel

Tokyo, Japan
Sunlite Shinjuku Hotel
Hotel Sunroute Higashi Shinjuku Hotel

Piccolo Hotel in Kuala Lumpur
EQ Ferringhi Hotel in Penang

Kowloon, Hong Kong
BP International Hotel

Bangkok, Thailand
Amora Neoluxe Suites
Bangkok Cha Da Hotel
Bangkok Miramar Hotel
Boss Suites
Centric Ratchada Hotel
Fusion Suites Hotel
Hip Hotel
Hope Land Executive Residence
Mac Boutique Suites
Montien Hotel Bangkok
Palazzo Hotel
Ramada Encore Hotel
S15 Sukhumvit Hotel

Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam
Truong Hai Saigon Hotel
Here’s how the Agoda rewards program works.
Here’s how the Agoda rewards program works. Website
Online Hotel Discount booking on 99500 Hotels worldwide. Agoda REAL-TIME bookings, 24-hr service, fast, secure, LOWEST RATES Guaranteed!!

What I like About Agoda

I’ve used many hotel reservation websites on the Internet and I still do to this day. Agoda offers rates that are either a bit lower or about the same as their competitors. But the real benefit of booking a hotel through their website is their valuable rewards program.

It’s basically a customer loyalty program where you can accumulate points and use them for future hotel discounts. It’s really easy to earn points and there are 2 ways to do so.

1. You can earn 4% – 7% of the price of the room automatically.
2. Write a short review about your hotel stay and earn 500 points. (Note: Agoda has stopped awarding points for hotel reviews.)

Once you reach 12,500 points you automatically get $25 for future discounts. Or you can do what I do and accumulate more points for even bigger discounts.

Another really easy way to earn points is to write a review after you’ve checked out of the hotel. Agoda will send you an email within 2 weeks after your checkout date, requesting your review. In return you get 500 easy points to add to your account.

It’s free to join the Agoda rewards program. All you have to do is make your first booking and you’re automatically enrolled. It’s really that simple.

Agoda accepts all major credit cards for payments, but I also like the convenience of paying for my rooms with PayPal, which is a company that handles payment transactions on the Internet. So I never have to pull out my credit card and type in my information for all the world to see while I’m at an airport.

Capsule Hotels In Japan

What is a capsule hotel?
A capsule hotel can be described as a hotel system that provides densely populated accommodation which contains rooms of a relatively standardized size based on modular plastic or fibreglass sleeping quarters. Other than your own room, all other facilities are shared.

Although capsule hotels are quintessentially Japanese, the first capsule hotel was only built in 1979 by a chap in Osaka by the name of Kisho Kurokawa. The rates were a bit lower back then at about 1,600 yen. Capsule hotels are a uniquely Japanese phenomenom not only because of space restrictions but because Japan is still a relatively safe country and such a facility would be unthinkable in many other countries.

It wasn’t until 1985, when the Tsukuba Science Expo was held, that capsule hotels became well known in Japan. There wasn’t enough room to accommodate everyone so the organisers decided to make capsule hotels so everyone could enjoy the expo and stay overnight. This became big news when reported on Japanese televsion, and since then capsule hotels have become part of the Japanese vocabulary. The first reported capsule hotel in Tokyo was Green Plaza Shinjuku, located in the red light district of Kabukicho. The Green Plaza is also the biggest capsule hotel in Tokyo with 630 rooms.

How to use a capsule hotel
Most capsule hotels do not have a key to the room so you need to place your valuables in a separate locker. You have to share the bathroom, rest room and bath with everyone else (most capsule hotels have a sauna included). Most of the basics are provided and they have a communal bath which you share with other clientelle. Many capsule hotels have a large bath called a ‘Rotenburo’ which means ‘open air bath’ where you can relax under the open sky.

When you enter you have to take off your shoes, put them in a shoe locker and lock it with the key which is provided. You then give the shoe locker key to the reception staff and they provide you with another key for a small clothes locker. At this point they give you a description of how their system works. There is usually a Yukata, bath towel and a small hand towel in the locker in which you place your belongings. After you do this you can then go to your room.

You can watch a small television while lying down (usually around 8 inches). In fact, the capsule hotels are so compact that it is possible to operate the lights, air conditioning, TV, radio and Alarm Clock from the bed without having to move. One negative aspect of Capsule Hotels is that they are not sound proof, so it is possible to hear the person next to you snoring (earplugs are recommended).

Most capsule hotels have a two-tiered system so each room has two capsule rooms – one on top and one on the bottom. The people at the front tell you whether you are on the top or bottom one and you can access the top bunk rooms via the stairs provided. For those over about 190cm, you have to bend your legs slightly when you go to bed. For those who are a little overweight there usually isn’t a problem with the width.

Most capsule hotels are found in central city areas where it is common for people to miss the last train or bus. Nearly all capsule hotels are within walking distance of a station.

Although many people use capsule hotels because they miss the last train home, it is possilbe to make reservations via the internet or by phone.

Many of the capsule hotels only accept men, but there are some which are exclusive to women. In terms of time restrictions, most places have a check in time of 17:00 and check out time of 10:00am. Depending on the type of capsule hotel, you are required to return to the hotel by 02:00, but others are 24 hours.

Although most capsule hotels require you to stay a night, there are some which allow you to use facilities for a shorter period of time if you just want to take a break. For example, at Capsule Inn Akihabara they allow you to take a shower for 500 yen or sleep/rest for 3 hours for 1,200 yen or 7 hours for 2,500 yen. Some places have restrictions on how many nights you can stay, so if you are looking to stay for a period of more than 2 nights you should check their conditions before booking.

Capsule Hotels are thought to be men only domains, but there are many places available where women can stay. Some are exclusive to women and some allow both men and women to stay in the same complex, although the accommodation areas and bathing are separated.

At most capsule hotels you can not take your own food or drink into the capsule hotels and you must be over 18.

“guaranteed Getaway” Hurricane Policy For Tourists Booking Caribbean Holidays At Breezes And Hedonis

After Hurricane Isaac stormed its way through the Caribbean and southern states in America last week, tourists staying at Breezes and Hedonism resorts in Jamaica and the Bahamas are being offered “Guaranteed Getaway” policies.

If a hurricane strikes while travellers are enjoying holidays in Jamaica or the Bahamas at any of the resorts, they will receive reimbursement for the value of disrupted nights as well as a voucher that can be spent in the same month, the following year.

If tourists are disrupted by a storm or hurricane as they travel to their holidays in the Caribbean, Breezes and Hedonism Resorts will provide complimentary extensions to make up the number of nights missed. Guests who have to reschedule their Caribbean holidays due to a hurricane will receive vouchers that can be used at a later date.

Holidaymakers are provided with a “sunshine guarantee” where for every day the sun is not shining, the resorts will offer a credit voucher to the value of their room. The vouchers must be used within a year and can go towards future holidays to the Caribbean.

The Breezes and Hedonism brands are operated by SuperClub Resorts and the Caribbean hotels and resorts include Hedonism II in Jamaica, Breezes Grand resort & Spa in Negril Jamaica, and Breezes Resort & Spa Bahamas.

The Breezes Resort & Spa Bahamas is situated in Nassau on the white sands of Cable Beach and tourists taking Bahamas holidays can enjoy facilities including four gourmet restaurants and four bars, swimming pools and Jacuzzis, tennis courts, and a variety of fun watersports.

Travellers planning Jamaica holidays can choose from Hedonism II, the adults-only resort, and Breezes Grand Resort & Spa; both of which are located on the famous seven-mile beach in Negril.

Hedonism II is an all-inclusive resort with 280 guest rooms and suites, and facilities include four restaurants, five bars, tennis courts, a disco, fitness centre, a nude spa, nude swimming pools and a nudist beach.

Breezes Grand Resort & Spa Negril is open to tourists over the age of 16 and features several exquisite restaurants and stylish bars, a freshwater swimming pool, Jacuzzis, disco, spa, fitness centre, and access to a pristine stretch of white sand beach.

Thailand Shopping Festival

The beautiful country of Thailand boasts of historical, cultural attractions, unique shopping destinations, scenic beaches and luxurious spa experiences. For those who feel weak in their knees with a mention of shopping, Thailand is a must visit. One of the principal attractions of Thailand, the shopping festival attracts millions of shoppers from around the world. Thailand takes up a colorful and vibrant look during the shopping festival. Celebrated with grandeur and splendor in the major cities of Bangkok, Chiang Mai, Phuket, Hat Yai, Songkla and Pattaya, the Thailand Shopping Festival is an important landmark on the cultural landmark of Thailand. If you are looking for the most suitable accommodation to cater to your needs and requirements, you will not get a dearth of options. Both luxury and cheap Thailand hotels are available to meet your requirement.

As dates can often change, you must refer to the hotel booking worldwide sites for detailed information on the program. The online hotel booking sites not only provide you information on the various categories of hotels in Thailand, but also their location and attractions nearby. You must be well informed about the updated information, before you book your travel tickets.

Go through the various online hotel booking sites, compare rates and reserve your hotel right now. Make sure that your hotel enjoys close access to the major venues of the Thailand shopping festival. The Thailand shopping festival or the Thailand Grand Sale as it is popularly known takes place over 2 months. This 2-month period is all about reveling in fun, frolic, excitement and unending shopping. Hosted during the period between June and August, the Thailand shopping festival offers you a world-class shopping experience. You will get a colorful range of products here and that too at unbeatable discount rates. The discounts range from a minimum 50% to a maximum of 50 per cent. The various department stores, retail centers and shopping units take this opportunity to make promotional offers. Amongst the popular venues of the Thailand Shopping Festival, the Shopping Streets’ in Bangkok deserve a mention. Apart from Bangkok, Chiang Mai, Pattaya, Phuket and Hat Yai, Nakhon Ratchasima is an important venue for this festival.

The ‘Shopping Streets’ in Bangkok is transformed into a bargainer’s paradise during this time. It provides a perfect platform to purchase the best buys. Beautiful craft items and cottage industry goods, featuring skillfully made decorative items are some of the best buys here. These are available in both traditional as well as contemporary style.

Check out for the discount rates at the various shopping outlets. Avail a jaw dropping discount of about 50 per cent on your favorite product! You can also look for free gift coupons and ,lucky draw prizes here. Bangkok’s shopping street extends from the Siam Discovery Center intersection to the Emporium along Sukhumvit Road. You will get world-famous shopping outlets including Siam Center, Central World Plaza, Siam Discovery Center, Gaysorn, Erawan Bangkok and Amarin Plaza here.

Avail of the huge discounts on luxury goods and items and enjoy a memorable shopping experience. Apart from discounts on shopping, you can avail discounts on your accommodation as well. You need to book a discount hotel in advance from the various discount hotel booking sites online.

Online Hotel Booking Engine Makes Hotel Bookings Faster And Convenient

More and more numbers of people are getting dependent on the internet to get their works done. It has become extremely easy to work on the go with the availability of the Internet on various devices, even on your mobiles. The Internet has also marked an impact on travel and tourism as well as on the hotel industry. Nowadays, when people plan a holiday or vacation, they look mostly on the Internet for different accommodation facilities that are available in the area. Over the Net, there is ample information on the various hotels in a destination.

The best part is that most of the good and reputed hotels have online booking systems so that customers can book the hotel room online in advance to avoid any kind of hassle later. The online hotel booking engine has made the process easy and smooth and things have become easier than before. This is the reason that almost all hotels are now trying to have their own website along with the facility of online booking. These facilities are add-ons for the hotel and prove to be highly profitable on the long run.

Here are some of the advantages of having a hotel booking engine service online:
• With the help of this facility, hotel booking has become easy and extremely convenient. Customers can book their favorite hotel room by browsing through the website of the hotel and selecting the room that they like. And all this comes at the comfort of sitting in your home. With good booking engines, more and more number of customers will come to the hotel website for booking.

• An online hotel booking engine allows the hotel to make more profits. This is because, without online booking many people ask for assistance from travel agents who charge more from the customers as their service tax. The hotel also has to give some commission to the agent. Therefore, the margin of profit for the hotel decreases. With online booking, there is no agent in the middle and direct sales and profits can be obtained from the hotel business.

• Proper and accurate information about the hotel rooms and bookings are displayed in the booking engine. Therefore if you are looking to book a particular room and that is available, you can do that at once. However, if a room is already booked, it will not be displayed in the available rooms at all. There are no chances of double bookings in a room at all. Hotel booking process has become more streamlined and proper with these online booking engines.

• Apart from making bookings for the hotel rooms via the online hotel booking engine, reservations for additional services can also be made via the same engine. People who book rooms in hotels might book spa services or reserve seats in restaurants at the same time. The hotel can make greater profits with these reservations for sure. The only thing that needs to be done is that these facilities and services have to be highlighted in the booking engine so that it attracts the customer eyes.

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Online Hotel Bookings Service

The internet has seen a revolution for hotel booking services. Online hotel bookings can make planning your business trip, vacation or weekend away both easier and more affordable. Online hotel bookings make it easy to select a suitable hotel, and are ideal for both the customer and the hotel management. While it once required effort to locate and select a hotel far away from home, the internet has dramatically simplified that process with online hotel bookings. Online hotel bookings enable you to choose a hotel with the features you desire, whether you need a simple and affordable place to stay or a luxurious retreat from day to day life.

It is now possible to find a hotel and book within minutes any time of the day – from anywhere in the world. Convenience is one of the most significant benefits of online hotel bookings. Browse hotels in the area you require at your leisure, comparing features and rates easily. When you have chosen the hotel you prefer, simply complete your hotel booking online at a time convenient to you. Many hotels even allow same day online hotel bookings, great for that last minute weekend away, for example taking in a show in the West End of London.

Pricing is very competitive as it’s so easy to compare one hotel to another. Some services even allow you to conveniently compare multiple hotels when choosing your online hotel bookings. If pricing is your first priority, you may find one of the larger online hotel bookings services ideal. While some such services do not allow you to choose your hotel, but rather to only select location and quality of the hotel, substantial discounts on hotels may be available. If you are willing to allow the online hotel bookings service to select your flight or hotel, the discounts are typically much greater.

Customers may find that online hotel bookings can also offer savings on airline flights, car services, and even entertainment. By packaging your vacation needs, you may save a substantial amount and have additional funds to enjoy on your weekend away or longer vacation. When planning a trip, take advantage of online booking services to find the best prices on hotels, airfares and more. These services are ideal for both short and long trips, and may even be a convenient option if you need to book a hotel for visiting guests.

It’s great for hotels as there is so little admin involved and the booking software can be linked usually via aggregators. To remain competitive in today’s travel market, it is critical that hotels offer online hotel bookings. Customers at all levels expect to be able to easily and conveniently book their hotel online. Hotels can choose to manage their own online booking software, and will find that they can affordably purchase such options, or can arrange online hotel bookings through a larger service. Whichever option is chosen, offering online hotel bookings will benefit all hotels, both small and large.

Online hotel bookings are ideal for customers and hotels. Hotels will find that rooms are more consistently filled if they offer online hotel bookings. Online hotel bookings can also reduce expenses and employee time for the hotel. Customers enjoy the convenience and ease of online hotel bookings, as well as the ability to compare prices and features of various hotels. Planning a weekend away has never been easier, or more affordable than it is now with the accessibility of online hotel bookings. Convenience, competitive pricing, and easy comparison shopping make online hotel bookings popular with nearly every customer, from those planning a long vacation to those in need of an affordable weekend away.

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Jovago launches mobile app

Hotel booking website, has released its first mobile application in order to facilitate the hotel booking process for its customers and push the ‘mobile first’ initiative of the Africa Internet Group.
Jovago launches mobile appJovago announced a new mobile application that allows customers access their vast inventory of 25,000 hotels in Africa on and offline. The self-developed Hotels Booking, is a free mobile application for the customer-base, and is immediately available on the Google Play Store to the entire community of Android users. The app demonstrates the company’s commitment to focusing on mobile solutions and developing trendy mobile applications that help improve customer experience when searching for hotels to book.

“The launch of app is a great milestone for us in order to offer great flexibility for the customer-centric mobile experience. We have noticed the immense growth of mobile devices in Africa and have used gathered knowledge to develop the most convenient hotel booking app. With the Hotels Booking, customers can readily access our growing inventory of hotels on the go with little to no hassles as our customer service team cater to their needs” said Paul Midy, CEO of Jovago.

The app allows customers to find the best rates among 25,000 hotels in Africa and 200,000 hotels worldwide. Pages for the hotels have the pictures, description, locations, amenities and reviews. This allows travellers to search hotel around them on the map. In addition, they can find exclusive deals and offers from a large variety of hotels and have the best price guarantee. Users can access their current and former booking even when they are offline. is an online hotel booking service with offices spread across Africa, Asia and Europe. Hotels Booking is another example of how much importance is placed on improving the user experience. The application is available for Android devices on the Google Play Store now. Versions would be shortly launched for the other mobile platforms and devices.

Hopoptions launches flight comparison, hotels booking website

Hopoptions has launched a domestic airlines flight aggregator service, which provides quick, accurate and user-friendly comparisons for travellers booking flights within Nigeria. The website also allows visitors search through over 55 000 hotels worldwide and pay directly online with any Naira Mastercard or Verve card.
Hopoptions aims to help customers find it easier, simplifying the process of searching for flights by aggregating the content from airlines, thereby eliminating the need to visit each airline to find the best option. Business and leisure travellers can now compare flights on Arik Air, Aero Contractors, Dana and some international airlines; and filter according to individual preferences such as time, price, number of stops, ticket class, or other criteria – all on one website.

The company does not operate as a travel agent, but simply provides customers with the most accurate alternatives for their indicated itineraries, without any bias. The service was created to fill the information gap in the aviation sector and provide users with real-time options to assist them with making the best travel choices from available service providers, quickly and conveniently.

Launched in its beta version, will see improved upgraded features in the next few months, including international flights. The service will also be extended across other platforms (mobile and smartphone apps), and will integrate more service providers to give users the best information and options available, wherever they may be.